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I s it safe for the black colored guy to look at the Ukraine? – Ukraine Forum

I s it safe for the black colored guy to look at the Ukraine? – Ukraine Forum

I’d like to go to Kiev in but I am worried that I might not be welcomed there december. I’m Jamaican-American and I also have always been really tolerant of other countries. Please allow me to have your input.

Can anybody provide me personally a thought?

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Odessa is considered the most tolerant city in Ukraine, due to it being truly an important slot. You’ll likely be fine in Kiev additionally, but i might avoid Eastern industrial cities like Kharkiv and Donetsk.

Kiev is just a tolerant town. It utilized to welcome many international pupils straight right back into the time that is soviet you will not function as the pioneer of the tradition right here.

You simply need to be because careful as with every other city that is big preserving “common sense” rules of conduct. And, needless to say, you will need to adhere to the main areas (where in fact the main tourists’ tourist attractions are observed anyhow) – Podol, Pechersk etc.

Generally speaking there aren’t any rasism dilemmas in Kiev. There is absolutely no issue to consult with central Kiev anytime, also alone. But i’d not advocate to consult with suburbs of Kiev on your-own and never during night hours. Really any site visitors of Kiev, even Caucasian (whites) foreigners can easily be acknowledged by locals for their clothing, behavior and undoubtedly language.

Trip to villages could be not likely a safety problem, you would simply need to prepare yourself that everyone will gaze as you will be an exotic change in their lifes, while visiting some of the more industrial parts of Ukrainian East may be slightly more dangerous at you. Devamını oku