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Phil Ivey Eyes Healthcare Marijuana Biz for Newest Joint Venture

Phil Ivey Eyes Healthcare Marijuana Biz for Newest Joint Venture

Poker superstar Phil Ivey has received preliminary approval for A las vegas medical marijuana dispensary license in Nevada.

Phil Ivey is not smoking one thing, but his future customers may be: Ivey received one of 26 license that is preliminary for a medical cannabis dispensary through the Las Vegas City Council previously this week, possibly making the poker superstar one of the first operators within the town to offer pot to consumers.

There are even more steps necessary before Ivey gets final approval to start such a business, but his approval does suggest that the city found him qualified to go on in the licensing procedure.

About 50 possible operators went before the City Council this week to plead their instances for medical marijuana licenses. Those that got approval that is preliminary the town will now have to additionally be approved by the state health division.

The City Council will eventually hold a final suitability meeting for anyone approved by the state before awarding a limited number of licenses which have been set aside for Las Vegas.

Meaning that Ivey still has a way that is long go before finding a final go-ahead to dispense medical marijuana in Sin City. But as he makes pot-sized bets at the poker table if he can make his way through the various licensing stages, Ivey might end up slinging weed just as prolifically.

Council Separate on Licensing Process

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